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Radio silence?

There’s a reason for the radio silence on the blog here, basically that the blog itself is messed up and I don’t have the time or energy to fix it.  So I don’t want to add a bunch of entries that might end up not being able to port over when I fix it.

But I’ll try to get better about that, especially considering that yesterday I beat my personal best on my 5K time, which means that since the first time I timed a training walk about a year ago to today, I’ve actually gotten 20 minutes faster.  Now, the first was a walk and this was a mix of jogging and walking, but still.

I’m not expecting to get much faster than this. I’d like to make a steady 12 minute mile my regular pace overall.  But that’s going to take some medical help, hopefully an upcoming visit to a pulmonologist will do it.  Wish me luck!

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Our First 5K

So my best friend and I have really enjoyed the 5K’s we’ve done since we did The Color Run.  We did one other that was an actual in person event (through a corn maze, I’ll write about it later) but then we also have done several other virtual races together, including the Zombies Run Virtual 5K that I’ll also post a review of soon.

Because we’ve been having so much fun, we decided we kind of wanted to get in on this too, and start our own virtual event.  But since we’re new at it, we wanted to start small this year to build up for a bigger event next year.

Which is how the 50K5K Pledge was born.  The event this year is just being run through Facebook, so check out the link for the full information.  But the basics are it’s a virtual 5K run with virtual winner’s goodies, and we’re encouraging participants to donate to National Novel Writing Month, one of our favorite events that promotes writing and creativity.  Anybody that participates this year and submits a time will be automatically notified when we do the full event next year so they can get a jump start on sign-ups, and will get a 10% off code for the race too.

So if you’re into virtual 5Ks, do this race with us and support a great cause, have fun, and help us get started on some even bigger and better events in the future!

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My First 5K – The Color Run

So for a while I’ve been watching a few of my friends showing off their post-race selfies with medals from different events and I got kind of into the idea of actually doing some kind of event.  But part of me was a bit sad because I can’t run (my knees are too far gone already) and the only things around are always races.

Then somebody told me that nobody cares if you walk the entire race, and that you just have to look to see if the race posts a max time for the course to see if you can beat it.  And I started looking at how much I was walking every day and my increasing mileage with Fitbit, and realized that I was walking nearly 5k on a pretty regular basis anyway.  So my best friend and I decided to sign up for our first 5k, The Color Run.

I had been keeping track of my pace for a while on Map My Fitness, and so I decided my goal was to finally crack an hour for a 5k distance, which would mean I needed to be slightly faster than my normal 22 min/mile pace.  We actually went to the race in Richmond instead of doing one closer to us, because it was on a better weekend.

We got together a team, mostly consisting of my best friend’s family, and showed up bright and early to get ready to race and have some fun.  One of the great things about a Color Run is that there are stations throughout the race route where they throw colored powders at you, and by the end you’re covered in bright, fun blotches.  This year was also the “Shine Tour” where they were throwing a fun silvery glitter at around the halfway mark too.

I pushed myself to go as fast as I could the entire time, only stopping a few times to take pictures.  I ended up outpacing the rest of my team, but I had fun chatting with a few random people I was walking with as we went.  But the best thing about the Color Run is that it’s a family event and really welcoming and open to people of all abilities and speeds, so I didn’t feel bad about the fact that I’m “slow.”  I saw plenty of little kids (plenty of them way faster than me) and people of all ages just having fun and enjoying themselves.

The color run is not officially timed, but I ran my own tracking and I crossed the finish line at 48:46, which is still currently my personal record.  And I got my first race medal!

All in all, I highly recommend The Color Run as a first 5k.  It’s the perfect environment to really get into the feel of how this kind of thing should be fun, and be around a lot of people that are also just having a good time and just trying to do something cool.

Next year, we’re really hoping to do a Color Run: Night where you get pelted with UV reactive powders, so hopefully they’ll have one near D.C.

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