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Cooking at camp

440One thing I’ve been a bit worried about from the beginning has been cooking while I’m out on the trail.  I’m not a particularly good cook on a normal day with a full kitchen, and there’s also the fact that I’m a relatively picky eater as well.  Add that with heartburn/reflux issues and you’ve got a big mess to figure out really.

Which is part of why I opted for a slightly larger and more flexible stove option when I just bought my camp stove.  I talked to an employee at REI for a little while about it, and he pointed out that the Primus Yellowstone Classic Trail Stove is a heavier stove (by quite a bit actually) but that it is a little more able to do more than just boil a couple cups of water.  It’s got a larger surface area for putting different kinds of cookware on it.

So that’s what I decided to go with, I figure I’ll try to camp with it for a little while doing shorter hikes and if I end up at a point where I’m trying to carve out ounces then I’ll look at a slightly smaller stove.

Another consideration was that a lot of the other stoves I looked at came with a particular cup or pot that fitted onto it, which was nice but a little more expensive than getting this one and a small cookset for one.  I also like the cookset because it’s a little bit more useful than just an attached pot, and again can be used with more than one type of stove.  So if this one doesn’t work out, there’s an option for me to get a new stove.  Plus, I’m a sucker for things that stack together into smaller packaging, it’s very cool design.  Now one problem is that the GSI cookset is supposed to also store your stove and fuel canister, and I don’t think that both of those will fit with the Primus stove being a little larger than most.  But I figure I’ll work that out when it becomes an issue.

I’ve also tried a few different Mountain House food packages, and it’s been a mixed bag.  The reviews from other customers on REI have been very useful, now that I know to listen to them.  The first type I tried was terrible, and the reviews said so (I can’t remember what it was, some kind of Asian inspired noodle dish).  But the spaghetti and the biscuits with gravy that I tried later were both good.  The calorie counts are a bit high, but I figure all camp food is probably going to be that way and I’ll be working off a heck of a lot more calories than usual on those days anyway.  The biscuits and gravy were pretty salty though, just as a warning.  I think it was the sausage that was mixed in.

Now I just need to buy my fuel canister and a few more pouches of food to try actually out on the trail.  I’m looking forward to it.

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