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Monthly Archives: July 2012

It’s always about the money

One of the things I’ve been worried about, that I’ve talked about before, is the cost of this trip. So I’ve been trying to get my debt taken care of and start to save some money. Which isn’t easy when you are trying to make a movie at the same time.

I frequently resist using up my entire savings to pay off a credit card, even though my interest rate is pretty high and my savings earn almost no interest. I always worry, what about emergencies?

But this week I was doing some budget stuff and saw a spot on my credit card statement that said how much I’ve paid in interest this year.  Then I looked up how much I earned from my savings.

The difference was staggering, so I sent a payment to the credit card immediately. That will pay off one card, and leave me with one other one, which is in a zero percent interest period.

Dealing with money is boring and I know not quite the point of this blog, but until I get my finances under control I can’t buy any gear, so it’s on my mind.

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Small progress

So, one thing about eating breakfast (or drinking it) every day, I’m now hungry a lot more of the time. Which is what often happens when I try to eat breakfast.

I’ve had a few days where I get to a meal time and I don’t feel like eating, but having the shakes in the house means that I can just make a shake instead and at least get some nutrition. And I’ve bought some more juice and smoothie stuff to drink and get more out of that instead of drinking soda all the time.

My plan to track my food and drinks isn’t working though. I’m not entirely sure how to manage that, something computerized might work, like a webpage where I can just check stuff off or whatever but I’m not sure the best system for that. Most trackers include WAY more information than I care about. I don’t want to make it a more complicated deal than it is, I want to track what time I eat my meals and snacks, if I took my vitamins, and how much fiber I got that day. The notebook I have is perfect for it, I guess I just need to concentrate on it more and make a bigger effort.

I do have a doctor’s appointment finally to do a physical, so I can at least get a good base line of how my health is right now as I start all these changes. And I can talk to her about them, if I get a chance or remember to. I’m not very good with doctors, they make me nervous and I forget to tell them anything. Or they don’t listen and I get withdrawn and don’t want to talk anymore because it doesn’t seem to be helping. But this doctor seems nice so I’ll give it a try.

I also have been going to bed almost on time and getting up almost on time for a few days now. If it lasts a week then I think I’m going to start back on my plans for walking, maybe going for a walk first thing in the morning right after my breakfast.

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So last week I wrote that my goals were to eat something breakfast like every day and to keep track of my food/nutrition better.

I’ve managed the breakfast, and I’m actually finding that I’m kind of looking forward to it when I wake up now, so I’m already starting to develop an appetite when I wake up. This is very good news. I still am not at the “forget the shake, give me FOOD” part but craving the shakes is something.

I’ve also started drinking juice that has veggies in it instead of just fruit juice, which is good.

As for logging things, I’m not doing so well at that. I was for about three days and then July 4th happened and I forgot and it just has kind of not worked out like I hoped. I’ll keep trying though!

I’m spending too much on groceries already though with this trying for more variety and better foods thing. Which is the way of it I guess.

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Newest plans

So, I wrote last week that I’m not going to try to figure out this hike thing until I figure out my health.

Basic first steps this week:
-drinking some kind of nutrition shake for breakfast every day. Basically, I never eat breakfast because I wake up most mornings feeling groggy and sick and hating food. But that means I’m getting less nutrients than I need and it’s not good for my body, so, shakes. Been doing this for about five days now, seems to be doing alright. Yesterday and today I got hungry for lunch and dinner on a more normal schedule, so that’s something.

-Tracking my food/vitamins/drinks in a daily log. I based it off of a daily checklist that Cyn sent me a link to, but I’m putting it in a small notebook that is easy to carry with me. It’ll help me keep track of taking my supplements, I write down what times I eat my meals, and I’m tracking my fiber intake (the number one issue with my diet vs. my diagnosed health problems). Plus the amount of drinks in general.

I’m still too low on drinks and hours of sleep, and I need to find 5 more grams of fiber each day in general so far, but having these numbers should help.

Now to just be able to fix my sleep issues…

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