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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Early morning walk

So, in the last week or so I’ve actually managed three walks around the lake (about 1 mile the whole way) and so I think I’m doing pretty good.  I managed to actually get up and take a walk this morning before I did anything else, which I think is a vast improvement over how I have been.

My right knee (the one I didn’t have surgery on) was giving me some trouble a day or two ago, but it seems to have settled out now.  I even managed to drink plenty of water today.  I’m hoping to walk again tomorrow and maybe start to get the beginnings of an actual daily habit going.  We’ll see.  But at least I’m feeling a bit better about it this week than I have in the past.  Maybe a little more motivated somehow, that’s good.

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Switching to WordPress

So I’m slowly making some changes you’ve probably noticed if you visited us at all before.  I decided to give WordPress a try for this blog, since I wanted something I could customize a little easier and make a little more professional looking than before.

Right now everything is very, very basic because I have’t really gotten started but over the next few days I’ll be fixing things up!  Should be fun!

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Oh the humidity

Yesterday, for various reasons, I ended up needing to walk a half mile in the middle of the afternoon. Then today I needed to walk in the middle of the afternoon sun again.

Right now in my region the temperature is above 90 regularly and climbing higher, tomorrow it’s supposed to top 100. While the heat itself is bad, the problem is that the air is so thick with humidity that you walk outside and you instantly feel drenched and sticky.

What I told myself yesterday was that this was part of my training, I needed to get used to this and be walking in any weather. But what I started to wonder was if it really is so humid on the trail. It’s definitely something I need to find out, because you have to stay hydrated just for normal walking but in this kind of weather you’re going to lose half your body weight in sweat in just a few minutes (this is an exaggeration, but only just).

In general, I’ve done some walking this week but not much. My knee has been doing okay, but my heart rate problems are not really cooperating in the heat, which worries me about the end process of hiking the trail. My doctor doesn’t see any problem with it though, so I think I need to just keep going.

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Fourth of July trip

For the Fourth of July, my husband decided that he wanted to go see the fireworks at a lake near us. To get there involved going through some of the biking and walking trails that are really nice around here, so I said that sounded like fun. He told me it was a mile and a half, which was definitely more than I’m used to, but around what I was doing last time I started exercising from nowhere so I thought no big deal.

But what I didn’t think about was that the last time I had done that, I was walking around a track at a stadium. This wasn’t a lot of nice paved walking trails like I expected, but about halfway through we walked off the paved trails and onto gravel. Then the gravel gave way to mud, and the mud eventually became a very twisty, rocky path up a hill and through a heavily wooded area.

Now, this means that this walk was actually perfect because it had a LOT of what I’ll encounter on the trail. But it also meant I was not prepared. Even now, almost a week later, I’ve got aches and pains. My calves were especially sore, so I know that’s an area that will need special attention.

To get home, we ended up walking to a friend’s car but the event was so popular she parked about a mile away, so it wasn’t that much better. But it was more well lit and more well traveled than the way we came in, which I wouldn’t want to do after dark with the flashlights we had.

The fireworks were quite nice though.

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Writing letters on the road

I love to write letters to people, though I don’t always find time to do it as much as I like. I’m writing to a few pen pals and family members now, and it makes me wonder about writing on the trail.

Several books I’ve looked at have said that you should pack your stationary already stamped (and possibly addressed) so that you can write as you walk and then mail things at your re-supply stops in town. This seems like a good idea to me, but I wonder how often people actually feel like writing while they’re on the trail itself. If you’re sitting down to lunch, you probably want to concentrate on eating. If you’re trying to make good time, then you probably don’t want to waste too many daylight hours with writing when you could be walking or setting up camp or eating.

Has anybody else had any experience with this? Did you stick to postcards? Or try to write in a journal that you could insights with people later?

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