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Feeling discouraged | Expect Delays

Feeling discouraged

I didn’t update on time this week because I’m feeling a bit down and discouraged about a lot of things.  I did the Fitness Blender workouts for three weeks, but then life got too busy for a few days and I didn’t pick it back up.  One of the reasons was that I wasn’t seeing anything positive in return for the work, and that got frustrating.  My weight has plateaued, and I only marginally care about weight loss anyway.  But what was worse was my energy level wasn’t improving, it was getting worse.  My strength wasn’t getting better, my flexibility wasn’t improving, I wasn’t able to do more reps or make it through workouts easier.  All I got was soreness and exhaustion.

I know, three weeks probably isn’t enough time to really see all that much improvement but I just got tired.  I need to start it back up again, I can do the program as many times as I want so I can just schedule it to start again soon, but life is so hectic right now I know I’d start missing days again.

My chronic insomnia is acting up, I’m only barely meeting my step goals, and generally it’s just a bit of a downer right now.  So not much to say that isn’t rather negative, sadly.

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