One thing I ponder sometimes is if other people bring any kind of music player with them while they’re hiking. Obviously that requires a battery and charging, so that’s not really ideal. Plus, it would possibly make you less aware of your surroundings which seems bad.

Maybe just listen for part of the day? It just seems like it would be nice sometimes to have a little bit of music to accompany your thoughts. But maybe part of the point is to be completely alone with your thoughts.

In other news, my leg has gotten worse again over the last week. Went back to get more tests and eliminate some possibilities, will be back at the doctor again today, and physical therapy again tomorrow. I did discover that I have a bone spur on my hip, which doesn’t bode well for this hiking thing.

Sometimes I keep telling myself that I should tackle everything one small problem at a time. But it seems sometimes like everything is so connected that I can’t really change my life and get better unless I change everything all at once in a huge revolution.

And then I wonder if I’ll even be the same person at that point, and if I want to go that far.

Which is way to existential a thought for this early in the morning.

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