Physical Therapy

I know this is, in theory, a blog about my journey to becoming the type of hiker able to tackle a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail.

But I knew it would probably have some weird stops along the way. The first being this stint with physical therapy. Since my plans to start walking every day were sidelined earlier this year by knee pain, and I’ve got this problem with my other leg, I went in for my first physical therapy appointment last week.

I was really nervous about it because I’d heard a lot of “horror” stories about PT. Not that anybody was actually horrible, but that it was hard work and they wouldn’t let you slack off or make excuses. And that often you came out hurting more but that it was kind of the point.

Well, I did come out hurting more. But the evaluation was actually really nice. The therapist was really friendly and nice, she was very careful to not aggravate my leg pain while trying to figure out what was going wrong. We worked through a lot of exercises and she determined that my problem likely isn’t really my knee or my leg, those are results. The problem is my hips.

So I’m doing exercises to strengthen those muscles, and I can only imagine that this will be helpful in the long run towards my goal. Having strong joints and muscles will be vital to the success of my plans, and having a professional evaluation to determine problem areas and ways to work on them is better than anything I could have done myself.

Now the trick is to keep up with my end of the bargain, do the stretches I’m supposed to do, and continue the appointments.

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