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City vs. hiking | Expect Delays

City vs. hiking

I spent last weekend in New York City with my best friend. I had a fantastic time, but one thing I did notice was how easy it was for me to just decide that walking someplace seemed quick and simple. We consistently walked a mile or two to get places, or at least it felt like a mile or two. I’m planning to map out how far we actually walked.

We did use our GPS to get around quite a bit, so I’m definitely more convinced I need a really good stand alone GPS before I go out into the woods. It got way too easy for me to get turned around. Especially after I also went the wrong way in DC last week too.

But the good news is I probably did walk a mile a day for most of last week, it was just city walking and not hiking, so not quite the same thing.

I’m completely exhausted now though. And I had on really simple sneakers that had no support at all, so definitely need to remember to wear the shoes I have for walking.

Random site update: I’m changing the update schedule for this blog to be once a week on Mondays. I don’t have any readers and I’m definitely running out of things to say for now. So Mondays only starting today.

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