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Fourth of July trip | Expect Delays

Fourth of July trip

For the Fourth of July, my husband decided that he wanted to go see the fireworks at a lake near us. To get there involved going through some of the biking and walking trails that are really nice around here, so I said that sounded like fun. He told me it was a mile and a half, which was definitely more than I’m used to, but around what I was doing last time I started exercising from nowhere so I thought no big deal.

But what I didn’t think about was that the last time I had done that, I was walking around a track at a stadium. This wasn’t a lot of nice paved walking trails like I expected, but about halfway through we walked off the paved trails and onto gravel. Then the gravel gave way to mud, and the mud eventually became a very twisty, rocky path up a hill and through a heavily wooded area.

Now, this means that this walk was actually perfect because it had a LOT of what I’ll encounter on the trail. But it also meant I was not prepared. Even now, almost a week later, I’ve got aches and pains. My calves were especially sore, so I know that’s an area that will need special attention.

To get home, we ended up walking to a friend’s car but the event was so popular she parked about a mile away, so it wasn’t that much better. But it was more well lit and more well traveled than the way we came in, which I wouldn’t want to do after dark with the flashlights we had.

The fireworks were quite nice though.

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