Where am I again?

I ended up taking a very long walk yesterday because I was trying to get to a vantage point to see the space shuttle as it flew in towards Dulles, since I live next to the airport. But I couldn’t find a spot. At least I didn’t get too lost.

Getting lost is one of my worries about actually going hiking. I have a horrible sense of direction, and I get lost in places where I’ve lived for years. I can’t even figure out where to park at the mall to get to the store I want on the inside.

I’m not so bad with maps, I’ve never had to really rely on a compass but I understand how they work. I’m going to have to start studying on those.

I’m probably going to try to get a GPS device of some sort. But I worry about the power supply though. I know I’ll need a solar charger for something no matter what I do, but can I run a GPS without a huge power drain? Definitely going to have to figure this out.

Anybody got any advice on GPS devices for hiking?

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