It always comes down to money

I’ve been reading up on gear, and one website I found was talking about the sheer cost of hiking the trail. I knew that gear was going to be expensive, but I don’t think I was counting on how much things are going to end up costing.

I found a really fantastic coat, and I need a new winter coat anyway. But it’s $200, just for a coat! Since I’m struggling to pay my bills right now in general, I’m not particularly thrilled at this idea.

I’m planning to make a list of the items I’ll have to have, then the cost for each, and make a priority list. I’d like to go ahead and get a pack soon so I can be walking with it on from the beginning, but for now I have a backpack that will do if I weight it down with a few books.

But I’m going to need a hammock, a sleeping bag, a really good pack, a new coat, new shoes, cooking gear, the list goes on and on.

And here I thought I’d found a more inexpensive hobby.

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