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So the other day I went in to see a cardiologist because I had a problem with my heart last year. The discussion covered a lot of topics but one of the big ones for me was that he suggested this diet that’s run in the office next to his, by one of his affiliated doctors.

Now, I’m overweight and I totally admit that. But I also am pretty adamant most days that I’m not looking to “lose weight” I’m looking to be healthy and feel well. I know that more than likely in my case that involves losing weight, I’m not stupid. But just simply decreasing the number on the scale is not on my list of things to do except when I’m having a particularly hard day.

One of the things on my list though is to eat more balanced meals and be more nutritious about food in general. I haven’t figured out how to do that on my own, really, so this diet where you actually purchase food and eat what they tell you while meeting regularly with a doctor actually did catch my eye.

But when I started looking into it more, it would go completely counter to what I’ve been planning to do with the rest of my life. Especially with this plan to hike the trail, it just wouldn’t work. Because for the first portion of the diet you’re eating so few calories in order to intentionally send your body into shock that you’re supposedly not allowed to exercise at all.

I’m finally getting my knee problem sorted out, I’m not going to suddenly drop all of my plans and spend a ridiculous amount of money just to drop a couple numbers for some arbitrary thing. I get that losing weight would have other side effects, but one of the things I want to change about myself through this hiking plan is that I feel weak and unable to do things that require any kind of physicality. THAT is my primary goal for wanting to feel well, I want to feel able and accomplished. So I don’t see how this diet could actually help me accomplish that at all.

Which means I’m back to the drawing board on figuring out how to get my eating habits in line and be better about them.

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New Year, New Start

I’m not typically one for New Year’s Resolutions, I think they’re not particularly conducive to actual change because usually they are a great amount of change in a sudden and pretty much arbitrary moment.

However, this year New Year’s has marked a pretty good time for me to get my act together because it’s the end of a vacation and time for me to do a bunch of things that will help anyway.

So I’m starting the new year trying to figure out this problem with my leg, figuring out my issues with hydration, and scheduling more time for walks IF I can get the leg thing figured out properly.

I’ll be calling my doctor on the second to figure it all out.

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One step forward, two steps back…

So I finally talked to my doctor about my bad knee, and how it aches and swells when I walk a lot. She’s sending me to an orthopedic doctor because she can tell there is something wrong with it. So that appointment is week after next, and we’ll get that settled and work on strengthening it back up.

So of COURSE this is the perfect time for me to hurt my other leg. And I can’t figure out what I’ve done. Yesterday I got down onto my knees in the floor to play with the cat, and my left leg (without the bad knee) felt funny. I figured it was just my jeans pulling weird or something, it wasn’t pain, just weird.

Then today I was in the floor again while I was cleaning and it obviously is the muscle in my leg. My husband thinks I’ve pulled it, which makes no sense to me because I haven’t done anything that would pull it. But it hurts and I’m getting grumpy because every time I take a step to fix one thing, another thing goes wrong. I’m tired of my body being too broken to get anything done.

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