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Verdict is no verdict really

So, the MRI results are in on my knee and the basic result is that there’s no result. The doctor looked at the scan and said that there’s not really visible evidence of a meniscus tear, and that the chip of cartilage that he thought might be the cause is actually rather insignificant or something.

Honestly, I kind of glazed over midway through because I was so disappointed that there’s still NOTHING to show for all of this time, money, and effort.

But the basic answer is I can either suck it up and do nothing and stay in pain, or I can get arthroscopic surgery on my knee to fix the tear.

You know, the tear that may or may not actually be there. Because despite there being no visible evidence of it, the doctor still thinks that’s the problem because of where it’s particularly tender. I guess he’s the expert.

I don’t know, I know I can’t afford the surgery and I can’t afford to continue to feel this pain. And it’s keeping me from walking which is keeping me from hiking.

But having surgery for what they “think” the problem is doesn’t sound all that great either.

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