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Back to the circuit

So last Friday I decided it was time to get back to walking. My physical therapist told me that at this point everything was up to my own tolerance.

My husband, my best friend, and I all took a walk around the lake that I live next to. I need to check on the length of the walk again, but I think it’s about a mile.

It was mostly non-eventful. My left knee (the one I had surgery one) wasn’t too bad, but the right knee ached a bit. Likely because I’ve been focusing on the left with my strength workouts and stuff. So time to start doing everything on both sides I guess.

It was also a bit muggy, so now it’s time to start grumping about the weather! I did finally get a pair of shorts that fits after having to return some. So now I need to make sure to put on sunscreen before I go out.

So slow progress this week, but progress.

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City vs. hiking

I spent last weekend in New York City with my best friend. I had a fantastic time, but one thing I did notice was how easy it was for me to just decide that walking someplace seemed quick and simple. We consistently walked a mile or two to get places, or at least it felt like a mile or two. I’m planning to map out how far we actually walked.

We did use our GPS to get around quite a bit, so I’m definitely more convinced I need a really good stand alone GPS before I go out into the woods. It got way too easy for me to get turned around. Especially after I also went the wrong way in DC last week too.

But the good news is I probably did walk a mile a day for most of last week, it was just city walking and not hiking, so not quite the same thing.

I’m completely exhausted now though. And I had on really simple sneakers that had no support at all, so definitely need to remember to wear the shoes I have for walking.

Random site update: I’m changing the update schedule for this blog to be once a week on Mondays. I don’t have any readers and I’m definitely running out of things to say for now. So Mondays only starting today.

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Progress, or lack there of

It’s really hard for me to keep up with my plan for walking every day. It’s just too easy for me to succumb to my urge to stay inside. Or to say “I have so many things to do, when I finish X, I’ll go.” And then of course I procrastinate on “x.”

I convince myself not to go because it’s raining and I don’t own a raincoat yet. That’s probably going to be my first purchase, since my sister came over this weekend and gave me some new shoes. But I’m not going to have the cash for a good raincoat for a while, and I’m the type of person who likes to buy quality items in the first place so I’m not replacing them so often.

I’d love to actually get the raincoat that I’ll take with me on the trail. I’ve got some I like from REI and L.L. Bean, but they’re so expensive compared to how cheap I usually am. I’ve got to get over that.

I did walk a couple miles on Sunday, and probably at least a mile on Saturday. I went to the USA Science and Engineering Festival in D.C. and the exhibit hall was HUGE. I was mostly there to look around and have fun with my sister, but I also stopped by a booth run by the U.S. Forest Service and picked up some random information they had. I haven’t looked through it, but there were some things about identifying plants and animals and stuff. The idea was mostly for kids going out for day hikes, but I figure it can’t hurt.

On Sunday we also walked down the Smithsonian Museum of American Art for a concert by the Gamer Symphony Orchestra. Then we decided to be good and walk the few blocks to Metro Center to get the orange train, rather than riding on the red line a stop and transferring.

Sometimes I make good choices.

But I stand by my tweet from last week – if it was socially acceptable for me to walk around the trails here in my pajamas, I would be walking every day, no problem.

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