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Oh the humidity

Yesterday, for various reasons, I ended up needing to walk a half mile in the middle of the afternoon. Then today I needed to walk in the middle of the afternoon sun again.

Right now in my region the temperature is above 90 regularly and climbing higher, tomorrow it’s supposed to top 100. While the heat itself is bad, the problem is that the air is so thick with humidity that you walk outside and you instantly feel drenched and sticky.

What I told myself yesterday was that this was part of my training, I needed to get used to this and be walking in any weather. But what I started to wonder was if it really is so humid on the trail. It’s definitely something I need to find out, because you have to stay hydrated just for normal walking but in this kind of weather you’re going to lose half your body weight in sweat in just a few minutes (this is an exaggeration, but only just).

In general, I’ve done some walking this week but not much. My knee has been doing okay, but my heart rate problems are not really cooperating in the heat, which worries me about the end process of hiking the trail. My doctor doesn’t see any problem with it though, so I think I need to just keep going.

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What’s this wet stuff?

I don’t know how or when it happened, but at some point everybody that lives in the D.C. Metro area lost their ability to deal with any kind of precipitation. I realized this when I was just driving, because the roads suddenly clogged and everybody either slowed down to 25 miles per hour, or they sped up and put everybody’s lives in danger. Nobody was going cautiously but not impeding traffic.

Today I realized that public transit doesn’t know how to deal with it either. Now, normally I’m not all that grumpy about a little bit of rain while I wait for the bus. But the storm that’s blowing through right now is very cold, very windy, and very very wet. So I just wasn’t in the mood this morning.

Since my umbrella turned inside out before I got twenty feet from my front door, I though maybe I could walk to a nearby bus stop that had a shelter instead of standing at the curb like I usually do. But I racked my brain and couldn’t come up with a shelter on the right side of the road within walking distance. By the time I could have gotten to one, I would have been just as soaked as if I had waited.

Once the bus arrives, I have to hope that it’s a bus driver who actually waits for people to sit down before he pulls away. Two or three times a week I end up falling into my seat because the driver is in such a hurry. But when you couple that with the fact that the floors are soaking wet, then it’s a recipe for disaster.

While I’m discussing the floors, exactly why are bus floors all designed the way they are? It’s like they’re making a show of being anti-slip, but in fact they’re designed like a runway for your shoes. When you add water to the mix, it just gets dangerous.

Every other bus has some problem with the windshield wipers. They seem to actually get rid of the water, but in this erratic way that makes me think they’re about thirty seconds from stopping.

It all makes me wonder what the bus system in Seattle is like. Where do they stash their umbrellas? How do they keep from getting the seats wet when the people in raincoats sit down? Are they smart enough to make sure the bus windows don’t leak and spray water on the commuters?

Do they have rugs on the bus so people don’t slide around?

I won’t even get into how the metro train had two seats out of commission because they were covered in water (how does that even happen) or that flooding made delays on the orange and blue lines this morning.

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